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Flag of Grønbjerg Arms of Grønbjerg
Flag Arms
Counties Bradford, Broome, Centre, Chemung, Clinton, Columbia, Cortland, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Owego, Potter, Schuyler, Steuben, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Tompkins, Union, Wyoming
Landsrið Votes 15
Capital Athens
Grønbjerg in Empire.svg

The Principality of Grønbjerg is one of the Lands of Septempontia. It is a "constitutional-absolute" monarchy, ruled by a hereditary Prince.


The Principality's name, Grønbjerg, is that of its ruling House. The name is Danish in origin, meaning Green Mountain or Greenhill.


Azure, a pile inverted vert, overall an eagle displayed Or, bearing on its breast an inescutcheon: Azure, a cross patée within a vol Or.

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Grønbjerg is the northernmost of the Lands of the Empire. The Principality's territory consists of twenty counties, stretching from Northumberland in the south to Cortland in the north, covering a total of 14,111 square miles (36,547 square kilometers), an area slightly smaller than Switzerland. The capital city is Athens in Bradford County.

Map of the Principality

The terrain is largely mountainous: the southern counties are dominated by the Ridge and Valley province of the Appalachians; to the north and west lies the wild, broken terrain of the Allegheny Plateau; and the northern borders of the Principality run through the glacier-carved Finger Lakes. Most of the Principality is drained by the Susquehanna river system, save in the far north and west, which are connected via the Finger Lakes to the Saint Lawrence River, and to the Ohio via the Allegheny River.

The Principality's highest point is the North Knob of Elk Mountain in Susquehanna County, which rises 2,693 feet (821 m) above sea level.

Grønbjerg is home to many scenic wonders. The Allegheny Plateau is dissected into deep, precipitous valleys and gorges; the best-known, the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania", lies in Tioga and Lycoming Counties. In the north, around the Finger Lakes, waterfalls abound; the famous gorges of Ithaca and the spectacular cascades of Watkins Glen are only two examples. In the south, the landscape varies from the rolling farm valleys of Centre County to the wild beauty of Ricketts Glen.

Adjacent lands


The government of Grønbjerg is "constitutional-absolute"; the Constitution grants the Prince sole power to make and enforce law, but places restrictions on how he may use this power, foresees its eventual devolution to a representative assembly, and enshrines equal civil rights for all. The Prince is bound by the laws he passes equally with his subjects, and has only limited immunity from prosecution.

The rights and freedoms heretofore enumerated shall not be susceptible to amendment, except insofar as such amendment may seek to augment them. No amendment which may hereafter be made to this Constitution shall reduce, restrict, or diminish the liberties of the People.

-- Constitution of the Principality of Grønbjerg, Article IV section 13


Grønbjerg was one of the four founding duchies of the old Triselene Imperium, and the head of the House of Grønbjerg served as Emperor. When the First Imperium dissolved, Grønbjerg maintained its leadership of the resulting confederation, which was subsequently incorporated into the Kingdom of Triparia as a viceroyalty. In the reorganization that followed the establishment of the Second Imperium -- the Empire we know today as Septempontia -- Grønbjerg was raised to the dignity of a Principality.

The cross-and-vol symbol of the Prince, which appears as an inescutcheon on the Royal Arms, dates from the First Imperium and today is used as a distinctive symbol of the Principality in many contexts.


The culture of Grønbjerg encompasses both a love of pageantry and ceremonial -- the royal court has probably the strictest etiquette of any in the Empire -- and the encouragement of art and expression of all kinds, in every medium from painting to writing to music to sculpture to clothing, even art which might be considered unconventional, subversive or indecent. The honor of Artist Laureate of the Principality is bestowed on artists in any field whose efforts are considered particularly outstanding.

...our Principality’s community of artists, writers, sculptors, bards, performers, and creators of every kind, who are in their various endeavours both ornament and inspiration to our Principality and the life and work of our people.

-- Letter bestowing the Laureate

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