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The structure of a SeptemWiki article should conform approximately to what its Wikipedia equivalent would be.


Anyone perusing Wikipedia for long will see pages were a section is titled "History" and has a link "Main article: History of ..." These are of course only necessary when the sub-topic has become so elaborated that it would benefit from being broken out thus. In the descriptions below, when you see a sub-article being specified, that is to give you a naming standard for the sub-article when one exists, not to mandate the use of one.


Lands articles should be designed like countries or U.S. states, Canadian provinces, etc.

  • Etymology: Where the name comes from.
  • History: An outline of major events. Stick to micronational (not necessarily only Septempontian) history, unless you need to make some small reference to macronational things which influenced the micronational happenings. To make up an example: "To honor Fort Bluffingberg, where General Smith defeated General Jones in the American Revolution, and which remains a focus of local interest, Smith Township in Pink County, where the fort is located, was designated the capital under Imperial law."
    • Sub-article "History of X".
  • Politics: Overview of the system of government. Some notes on previous forms are fine.
    • Sub-article "Politics of X".
  • Administrative divisions: Name the section after the first level of subdivisions and give the English equivalent name, when available. Include an overview map of the land and subdivisions, if available. Note that in Septempontia, the subdivisions of the lands are usually defined in part by macronational subdivisions.
  • Wikipedia includes a Geography section; this may be less relevant for our Lands, or can be kept suitably brief. In keeping with what makes Septempontia what it is, it's entirely appropriate to write about major highways in this section.
  • Next for Wikipedia would be Economy and Demographics sections: these should be avoided in SeptemWiki.
  • Entirely appropriate, however, is the Culture section. What gives that Land its unique character and flavor? If I were a Septempontian choosing a land of legal residence, why would I pick that one?
    • Sub-article "Culture of X".
  • Transportation is a very Septempontian topic. Major US and Interstates can be discussed.
  • See also: Try to keep stuff within the article and don't use this section if possible. For example, rather than doing "See also: Flag of Triparia", we should put that into the fact box, or the history section.
  • References: If you're citing some external sources, here's the place to do it.
  • We generally aren't going to need an External links section for our Lands, unless you want to link to a city's visitor's bureau or something.