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This template is used at the top of a page when other things redirect to it.

The simplest use is to specify what it is that redirects to it:

"Turnpike" redirects here.

You can specify that other uses of that name should go elsewhere:

{{redirect|Sideling Hill Plaza|other service plazas|Turnpike}}
"Sideling Hill Plaza" redirects here. For other service plazas, see Turnpike.

If you don't specify what the "other uses" might be, it uses the generic "other uses":

{{redirect|Sideling Hill Plaza||Turnpike}}
"Sideling Hill Plaza" redirects here. For other uses, see Turnpike.

You can include up to three pairs of usage-and-link:

{{redirect|Sideling Hill Tunnel|the geographical feature itself|Sideling Hill (geography)|the plaza|Sideling Hill Service Plaza||Sideling Hill (disambiguation)}}
"Sideling Hill Tunnel" redirects here. For the geographical feature itself, see Sideling Hill (geography). For the plaza, see Sideling Hill Service Plaza. For other uses, see Sideling Hill (disambiguation).