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Putting a Bibliography on a Page

  1. Near the end of the page, you should create a Notes section.
  2. In the Notes section, you will use the <references>...</references> tag.
  3. Within the <references> tag pair you can put a <ref>...</ref> line for each individual source.
  4. Each individual source can either be spelled out for your page, or a Source: page (see below) can be made for it, in which case, you will use {{ }} to include it as with any other template.
  5. In the opening tag of each source, you will need to include a name="foo" attribute. The "foo" can be any convenient name you like, and is only used on this single page. But you will have to use it later whenever you make a footnote which uses it. So if you only have one or two sources on a page, you might just stick with the first initial, or first few letters, of the author's name.

In this example, we'll make a reference to a book by Shawn which isn't interesting enough to break out into its own Source: page, and Walton's The South Pennsylvania Railroad, which definitely is.

== Notes ==

<ref name="k">Knight, Shawn (2016). ''Obscure Things That Only I Care About.'' Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A Little Knight Reading, Ltd.
<ref name="w">{{Source:Walton SPRR}}

Inserting a Footnote

Once you've set up a bibliography, a single footnote is easy. Simply insert a <ref name="foo"/> tag wherever you want to use it. Use the same "foo" you used in the bibliography for that source.

Do not forget the slash there; it makes the tag self-closing. If you forget it, much of your page after it will not render.

And as Shawn says in his book,<ref name="k"/> Walton's book on the South Penn<ref name="w"/> is one of the best sources we have.

Adding a new Source to the Wiki

  1. Create a page in the Source: namespace. Give it a name which is not too long, but descriptive enough of author and title. For example, Walter F. Walton's The South Pennsylvania Railroad is the only text by him we have as a source, so we named the page Source:Walton SPRR.
  2. In that page, put the text you wish to appear in a references list: the bibliography citation.

Citing a Web Page

You can cite a web page, particularly if it's a single news story or the like. Just format the contents of the <ref> tag pair like you would any other link:

<ref name="t">[ Turnpike Commission press release about the closing]</ref>

Sources Currently Set Up

Remember to put the prefix Source: in front of each of these names if using them in your page.

Results of the Examples

And as Shawn says in his book,[1] Walton's book on the South Penn[2] is one of the best sources we have.

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