The Empire of Septempontia, a federation of states and associated provinces, is a nation-state in North America, established in 2004.

The Empire stretches from the Ohio River to the Delaware, from Lake Erie to the Mason-Dixon Line, between the U.S. states of Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, as well as New York and West Virginia, which claim some of our territory.

Oh yes, and Pennsylvania, which is entirely located on Septempontian land.

The Empire's name comes from the Latin words septem,"seven", and pons/pontis, "bridge".  The Empire contains many bridges and rivers and roads, and the original Pennsylvania Turnpike had seven tunnels, so it was decided to name the Empire "the land of seven bridges."  (The song "Seven Bridges Road", popularized by the Eagles' cover of it, serves as a beloved national song and unofficial anthem.)

Septempontia provides opportunities for its citizens to develop and participate in a growing and fun culture, complete with its own spoken and written language, institutions of government, holidays and cultural customs.

Citizenship in Septempontia is by invitation only.  Leaders of the state governments of the Empire may invite suitable people into the Empire.  If you know any of us, and you're interested, talk to your friends about it and see if Septempontia would be fun for you.


If you've never encountered Septempontia before, please be sure to read our disclaimer and understand that it is all for fun, and is not any sort of separatist or secessionist movement.