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This is just a simple way to display a template example in curly braces instead of typing out

 <code><nowiki> ... </nowiki></code>



Displaying unnamed parameters

You can show up to 10 parameters without worrying about the pipe characters being parsed:

{{tx|main|Triparic language}}
{{main|Triparic language}}

Displaying named parameters

But if you want to show a named parameter with an equals sign, you need to use


to "protect" the equals sign:


To show an example spanning multiple lines, you will need to place a <br> after each parameter, but not after the template name.

{{TemplateName |param1=A

Inline option

To display the template inline, add the i=y option:

This version of {{tx|i=y|stub}} will render inline.

This version of {{stub}} will render inline.

The {{txi}} template is provided as shorthand for this.


If you have an example which includes links, files, text which would come out formatted, etc. you're better off just using the <nowiki> tag:

| name  = Stub
| type  = content
| image = [[File:Empire arms.png|40px]]
| text = ''This SeptemWiki article is a stub. Help us out by [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} expanding it].
| category = Articles to be expanded